Make Suggestions to Help Improve Your Employer’s Business

Have you ever wished you could get some of that bonus money your boss or employers says they will give for good suggestions from employees?  Well, there are some things an employer might appreciate, but never hear from their staff because the subject isn’t raised that often.  Or because the idea is one that could cost others their jobs a person may feel guilty and hesitate to make the suggestion.  You should remember that you aren’t the only one who might profit from a good suggestion, so don’t be reluctant to share your thoughts.

However, many suggestions for operational or organizational change can ultimately benefit employees as well as the employer.  For example, payroll outsourcing may seem at first blush to cost the jobs of a whole segment of a firm’s administrative or managerial personnel.  On the other hand, that option may release some of those employees to perform far more productive and creative work that makes them more actively involved in the firm’s production and development areas.  And those engaged in management areas aren’t bogged down with the day-to-day mundane activities and tasks that make less use of their real talents and skills.

When there are persons who are engaged in sales and marketing areas, the employer wants to maximize the use of their talents.  Any chance that can be taken to eliminate the time spent on administrative activity is a benefit when that time can be reinvested in a more productive use.  By using a Groupon promo code or coupon one can purchase top quality men’s shoes and accessories from Allan Edmonds at a great discount, approaching 60% off of certain clearance items.  And these can be ordered on line and delivered free to the customer when a Groupon coupon or promo code is used for the purchase.  The money that was saved by reducing administrative costs was invested in higher personnel salaries, which was then invested in top-quality apparel from Allan Edmonds, while saving substantially by their use of Groupon coupons, so more of that money went towards the living and investments of the employees.  And that ultimately resulted in having employees whose state of minds were improved, resulting in more positive work attitude and performance.  Thus, one suggestion by a single staff member led to changes that ultimately benefitted all concerned.

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